Fastest way to lose weight

fastest way to lose weight

Don’t give up on your get fit, get healthy new year’s resolution, there is still hope. Well, if like me, you imagined you’d be on the ball every week, burning calories and dodging delicious cakes and muffins, try to be disciplined and get onto that INSANITY work out daily, but it didn’t quite work out the way you imagined it, read on. The cake (or two) called me! That chocolate was just too irresistible, and well; I put my feet up and enjoyed a favourite episode, and INSANITY waited another week.

It’s only March and you’re feeling despondent, well don’t! As a one off for the week this can be somewhat rewarding, if of course the exercise has been done, otherwise what is the reward for, right? I know that if I don’t get the balance of eating and exercising right, I will avoid standing on the scales like the plague, and feel sluggish, have low levels of energy, feel unmotivated, the brain just gets lazy too, and the list goes on. Spring is a great time to regain your motivation, the days get longer and sunnier, and it’s less gloomy outside.

I took the chance to go for a 10 minute jog yesterday, just because it was such a lovely sunny day. That for me was quite an accomplishment, and I intend on building up slowly. The thing is I don’t have to feel guilty for eating cake or chocolate, nor do you; we just have to get the balance right. I like the Eat Well plate – it illustrates that everything in moderation is good, and that’s my moto, “Everything in moderation”.

Baking and eating cake is part of my healthy diet. How liberating! However, sometimes we can’t always get the balance right. For many, it’s due to working late, or maybe one isn’t exactly passionate about cooking, especially if cooking for oneself.

So inviting friends over to cook for is always a great way of putting that healthy recipe you’ve got, to work. I find that having a friend to exercise with, also keeps me motivated. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the masses of information about what you should and shouldn’t do, try taking small steps, one healthy step at a time and move forward. I started swimming once a week with a friend, I’m not a great swimmer but the health benefits are fantastic, plus I am certainly improving on my swimming skills-so my friend tells me, she’s great.

When I feel like I haven’t done so great on eating well,I do take a food supplement that I am confident gives me the needed vitamins and minerals I might be missing out on. go to www. myintrasite.com/enkata for more information on the supplement. otherwise I hope you enjoyed my first blog!

fast weight loss

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