How to lose belly fat fast

how to lose belly fat fast

I recently asked my current clients what they really wanted and how I would best be able to serve them if they were new to health and fitness. So, from there response and many hours of brainstorming to find the best solution I have created the new FUEL FOR LIFE - 8 WEEK ONLINE MIND BODY AND LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM! Below are the details of the challenge and I look forward to supporting you to create massive changes in your life in 2013. My goal is to help over 10,000 people create the life they truly desire and deserve in 2013 so please share this information with those who are ready to take the first step toward being, doing and having all that they desire!

In 2009 I weighed 90kg I was on anti depressants, unhealthy and lacking in any self confidence, worth and esteem. I was living in housing commission, had no ideas how I was going to move  forward and live the life I truly desired, in the body that I dreamt of having… Three years later, I have definitely cleaned up my act and I am living my dream. I achieved my goal weight, I have dramatically changed the way I eat and my relationship with food, I walk my talk and have studied personal training, NLP, health coaching and have coached many clients in 12 week transformation challenges and personal training sessions to achieve amazing results both in their health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Now what if I could show you exactly how I achieved all of this?

If I could show you the exact exercise program I used to burn body fat and increase lean muscle mass, the exact nutrition plan I followed to turn my body into a fat burning furnace and exactly the same mindset plan I utilised to get laser focused on achieving my results and turning my life around… would you be ready to do, be and have all that you desire! Are you ready to take massive action toward what you want and actually achieve it? Are you ready to write you own story for 2013? If so, what will it readlike?

Will it be a drama novel, or an epic adventure? Will you want to put the book to the side or stay up late to keep turning the pages? The Fuel for Life program is going to be an epic adventure so I hope that is what you have decided! I will not only show you exactly how I did it, but I will consult with you to customise the program to suit your body type, your access to equipment, your dietary requirements, your life goals and your current mindset so there is only one option and that is to succeed!

A private Facebook group will be organised for all participants, so you have an awesome community of like minded people working toward the same goal. You will be held accountable by posting home work status updates, photo’s, weigh in’s, before, weekly and after photos, there will be a 7 day preparation week that you will have tasks to complete and weekly skype or phone coaching sessions with me to discuss your needs, your weekly results and how to tweak things to get better results for the following week. The page will also be a forum to post your questions which I will answer, discuss your challenges and have myself and the group there to support you, you may even find another member in your area to become an accountability or workout partner with. No stone will be left unturned.

The benefit of doing an online challenge is that you can be in the comfort of your own home for your coaching calls, you can access the Facebook group and myfitnesspal community any where, any time on your phone, tablet or computer, the manual will be emailed to you to download and print out, you will have constant access to my knowledge, skills, support and feedback. The exercise program can be incorporated into your schedule and I can show you a way to never miss a training session…EVER! Every day you will know exactly what to do to achieve success and best of all you will never do it alone because there will be an entire community and myself right there supporting you and showing you how to get the result you want in 8 weeks and beyond. This challenge is NOT for those who; This challenge is for those who: This is not a starvation diet or a 2-3 hours a day in the gym program.

You will be required to commit approximately 30-60 minutes a day 6 days per week to exercise. Daily planning, organising, logging and preparing food, and weekly analysis. Time to work on your mindset and habit change and a commitment to doing what it takes to get your results. Just imagine for a minute what you life will look like in 8 weeks time if you decide to take up the challenge and play full out!

You will look exactly how you want, feel absolutely amazing walking down the beach in a bikini, have your friends commenting on how awesome you look and wanting to know what you have been doing, the opposite sex taking more notice of you or going into your favourite clothing store and buying the clothes you have always wanted, in the size you want! What would you do, to feel, look and be what you desire? OR, you could simply do nothing and continue on the same path and allow another year to pass you by! BUT if all the above resonates with you and gets you excited about making a massive transformation then take the first step toward a new you and a new life and join the challenge.

I have done this, I know the feeling and how amazing it can be and now, after much time, further research and education I have the opportunity to share my success with you! The concept is SIMPLE  but not always EASY! I know that you can and will do this. I know you can achieve greatness.

I believe that if you seriously want it enough you will get it! So, when you are ready, contact me now at email hourglasshealthcoach@gmail .com or call on mobile 0414 890 893 to arrange a consult time to get you started. If you are one of the first 5 to take massive action and get started now, you not only get your preparation homework early but extra FREE coaching before the challenge starts and a FREE Fuel for Life Recipe book emailed directly to you with some of my favourite recipes. I am so excited about helping you to make a massive transformation in 2013 and get the mind, body and life you have always desired!

I am dedicated helping others achieve success, achieving their goals and living healthier, happier and more abundantly! I am open book with my success and how I achieved it! To living life to the max!

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how to lose weight fast

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